Kerlink, OrbiWise Announce New Working Agreement

Published: December 1, 2023

The companies will integrate Kerlink Wirnet indoor and outdoor gateways with OrbiWise’s OrbiWAN, a carrier-grade LoRaWAN network server

Kerlink and OrbiWise announced a new partnership to package integrated, ready-to-use Internet of Things (IoT) network solutions that are quick and easy for users to master, without further evaluation and testing.

The two companies will integrate Kerlink’s Wirnet indoor and outdoor gateways with OrbiWise’s OrbiWAN, a carrier-grade LoRaWAN network server (LNS). Making the announcement at the start of Enlit Europe, officials for both companies said the agreement will address all aspects of the global energy agenda as they eye expansion in market ranging from smart-metering, smart-building and smart-city to smart-agriculture.

The deal combines Kerlink’s international specialty in solutions dedicated to IoT with OrbiWise being a leading provider of IoT solutions.

Agreement Announced

“The quality and reliability of Kerlink gateways has been proven in large deployments since the early days of LoRaWAN, which makes them the natural choice for end-to-end deployments with our LNS,” said OrbiWise CEO Domenico Arpaia in a press statement announcing the deal.

LNS, which can be hosted in the cloud or deployed at the customer’s premises, process data packets from thousands of sensors forwarded by multiple IoT gateways and direct them to the user’s application server through secured links.

Yann Bauduin, Kerlink’s chief of sales, opined that the partnership enables both companies to extend their market footprint and offer customers the combined solutions of two of the best IoT gateways and LoRaWAN network servers on the market.

Doing Business Together Again

“We will fully integrate our equipment and accelerate the joint adoption of our respective LoRaWAN solutions,” said Bauduin. “In addition, our business and technological collaboration across all their market areas will support both companies’ business plans by offering coherent, high-performing solutions for customers.”

This is not the first time that Kerlink, a global provider of IoT connectivity equipment, software and services for businesses, cities, industries and network operators for more than 350 clients in 70 countries around the world, and OrbiWise, whose success has been built on the robustness and scalability of its platform, have worked together.

The two companies have worked jointly on projects since the launch of the LoRa Alliance in 2015, with OrbiWAN using thousands of Kerlink gateways and millions of devices in some of the world’s largest LoRaWAN networks.

Value to Customers

OrbiWise’s Arpaia noted the tighter integration of the OrbiWan LNS with Kerlink’s gateways and gateway management software will bring added value to the companies’ customers.

“Our customers increasingly ask us to bring them end-to-end solutions to address their needs,” said Arpaia. “Kerlink and OrbiWise recognize that in some important use cases, customers require IoT solutions at the ‘edge’ of the network. Together, we are committed to bring out innovative Edge IoT solutions to our respective customers.”