Last Day to Submit Submissions for RFID Journal LIVE! Awards

Published: February 7, 2024

Applicants can submit their technology or successful deployments as finalists will be invited to speak at RFID Journal LIVE in Las Vegas

The deadline is is today for submissions to the RFID Journal’s annual awards that highlight the best new RFID products and deployments. A team of independent judges will evaluate the submissions and select finalists for each of six categories.

Three finalists for each category will be invited to speak at RFID Journal LIVE! In Las Vegas, April 9 to 11. Winners are announced at the event, where each will receive a crystal award.

Entries will be accepted in five deployment categories as well as one award for best new RFID or IoT product. End users, as well as companies with products related to RFID or IoT technology hardware, software or service providers may qualify for an award.

Three New Categories

Three of the deployment award categories are new, to reflect existing and evolving business challenges: sustainability initiatives, disruptive technology and enhancement of a product or service.  Additionally, this year’s submissions have reduced focus on written questions with greater emphasis on videos and links.

Solution providers may submit an application on behalf of their customer.

The six categories are:

Best Retail or Restaurant Implementation: for the retailer, restaurant, or food and beverage company that best uses RFID, IoT, NFC, or related technology to cut costs, improve operations, serve customers, increase profits, or achieve other tangible benefits.

Best Manufacturing or IIoT Implementation: This award will go to the manufacturer with the best deployment of RFID, IoT, NFC, or other related technology to cut costs, improve factory operations, serve customers, increase profits, or achieve other tangible benefits.

Best Supply Chain/Logistics Implementation: Candidates for this award could be end-users or logistics provider featuring the best uses RFID, IoT, NFC, or related technology to cut costs, improve supply chain or logistics operations, serve customers, increase profits, or achieve other tangible benefits.

Best Sustainable Initiative: Applicants will be end-user companies that have leveraged RFID, IoT, NFC, or related technologies to innovate new and sustainable products or processes that benefit people, the planet, and profit.

Best Use of Disruptive Technology (AI, ML, Robotics, ChatGPT, etc.) to Enhance a Product or Service or Improve Business Operations: This award is given to the end-user company that best improves an existing or new product, service or improves business operations through the innovative use of disruptive technology (AI, ML, Robotics, ChatGPT, etc.).

Best New Product: This award is given to the best RFID, IoT, NFC, or related technology products or services exhibited at RFID Journal LIVE! A company must be an exhibitor at the event to ensure quality. In addition, the product or service must have been introduced after the last RFID Journal LIVE! (2023) concluded.

“As in previous years, the deployments and products being showcased in the 2024 awards represent the innovation and unique ways that companies are leveraging technology to improve efficiency, safety and sustainability,” said James Hickey, RFID Journal’s managing editor.

The latest awards offerings represent the evolving direction of the RFID and IoT industries. “With the addition of three new categories, the awards highlight how technologies like RFID, AI and ML are intersecting to enable the latest in digital transformations,” says Christian Merhy, RFID Journal LIVE’s show director.

The RFID Journal awards launched more than 20 years ago to highlight the best in RFID and IoT implementations within key industries. Since then, scores of companies and their solutions have been recognized for  improving operations and driving efficiencies.

A set of experienced and independent judges were selected for their knowledge of the technology and industry.