Companies Focus on Consumer Experience at RetailX

Several solutions that utilize RFID can be integrated with augmented reality and other innovations, such as for triggering informative screens.
Published: July 1, 2019

Outform presented a range of high-technology solutions based on radio frequency identification at last week’s RFID Journal LIVE! Retail conference, held in Chicago as part of RetailX. The company’s primary focus is on advancing the consumer experience and thus engaging buyers and stimulating sales. Here’s an interview with an executive who demonstrated some of Outform’s tools at RetailX:

Outform uses RFID-based technologies to enhance the customer experience.

Chicago Tag & Label offers an innovative solution for label printing that can be integrated with RFID, though the system does not yet use this feature. The company utilizes printers from Zebra Technologies to produce labels that can be used especially by e-commerce companies, as well as by wholesalers.

Innovative solution for label printing can be integrated with RFID.

A video produced by Netpress shows the space of the GlobalShop fair, the largest design event for physical stores in the world, which was held at RetailX along with the LIVE! Retail conference and the Internet Retail Conference & Exhibition (IRCE), the world’s largest e-commerce event. RetailX brought together three distinct areas of business knowledge: e-commerce, store design and RFID innovation.

Take a virtual tour of RetailX in Chicago.

For those who would like to know more about augmented reality, here is a video set up for this purpose. Several features of AR can be used with RFID, as shown.

Learn more about augmented reality.