CNBC Adds Spark With RFID

A recent segment featured Gary R. Johnson, Blue Spark Technologies' president and CEO, explaining how thin, flexible batteries could enhance RFID systems.
Published: July 27, 2009

A July 20 “Tech Effect” segment of CNBC’s Street Signs program featured business reporter Melissa Francis interviewing Gary R. Johnson, Blue Spark Technologies‘ president and CEO, regarding the firm’s thin, flexible, eco-friendly printed battery technology. Thin, printed batteries could be utilized to create inexpensive active battery-assisted RFID tags that deliver longer read ranges than passive tags.

In the interview, Johnson said that Blue Spark Technologies, which originally developed its thin printed batteries with technology licensed from Energizer, is working closely with global business partners to develop wristbands, RFID tags and smart cards for use in a wide range of industries. According to Johnson, the company has some significant contracts in the pipeline.

Michael Liard, ABI Research‘s RFID practice director, also appeared in the segment. He said that potential RFID applications powered by thin, flexible batteries “are truly limitless.”

To view a video of the interview, click on this link:

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