LIVE! 2023 Spotlight: Ask the Experts Booth

By RFID Journal

This year's conference and exhibition will feature a dedicated space for industry experts to answer attendees' questions about the technology.

RFID Journal LIVE! 2023 will feature end-user companies discussing RFID's use in various industries, as well as exhibitors offering tagging solutions for multiple applications. To learn more, visit the event's website.

RFID Journal LIVE! 2023 is only one month away, and this year's event will feature one of the strongest speaker lineups in years (see Registration Now Open for LIVE! 2023). One reason companies should attend is that the event features an Ask the Experts booth in which industry experts will answer their questions. LIVE! has featured the booth for around a dozen years now, initially overseen by RFID Journal's editorial director of events, Debbie Hughes, and company founder Mark Roberti. For the past several years, the booth has been coordinated by Ernesto Castagnet, a partner at AIDC and telecommunications systems integration company INSIS S.R.L., and a professor at Universidad Nacional del Sur and UTN-FRBB, in Argentina. Castagnet earned a Master of Science in Industrial Engineering degree from Ohio University.

Ernesto Castagnet

Ernesto Castagnet

At the conference, attendees can book time with an expert and privately discuss any questions they might have related to selecting vendors, creating requests for proposals, deploying projects or anything else they might wish to know. The experts featured are typically academics, along with a handful of trusted systems integrators and consultants. "To be the top for many years, you have to bring some value added," Castagnet explains, "and one of the many things that are valuable to attendees is the Ask the Experts booth."

The booth, Castagnet says, is designed "to bring newbies [or veterans] to AIDC technologies in general, and to RFID in particular, a refreshing learning moment to think about how to solve a barcode printing or reading problem, or flaws in the design of a transportation management system (TMS) that uses RFID or a mix of AIDC technologies in the food chain, retail and apparel, pharma/healthcare, oil and gas, IoT for inventory and warehouse management, military applications, aviation, production and manufacturing, or just tracking people or access control."

This year, those manning the Ask the Experts both will be Terry Alderson (consultant, RFID Global Solution), Jon Andresen (consultant, Technology Solutions Consulting), Kevin Berisso (professor, University of Memphis), Mark Brown (consultant, RFID4U), Ernesto Castagnet (professor, Universidad Nacional del Sur and UTN-FRBB), Jason Catchings (consultant, Argo Wireless), Tali Freed (professor, Cal Poly PolyGAIT R&D Center), Mark Roberti (consultant, RFID Strategies), Fabiano Negrao (consultant, EY), Edson Perin (editor, IoP Journal) and Josef Preishuber-Pflugl (consultant, Innobir).

Castagnet adds, "RFID experts from around the world—Argentina, Austria, Brazil, the United States—will be there to help you, for free. Coming from public or private universities, public or private sectors or as consultants, these professionals give up their time to promote the correct use of AIDC technologies. We help RFID Journal LIVE! in its mission to help companies use RFID and other Internet of Things technologies to improve the way they do business."