HID Adds AI to Safety Analytics, Helps Collectors Thwart Counterfeiters

By Rich Handley

The SAFE Facility and Risk Analytics solution offers real-time occupancy monitoring, risk analytics and alerting, and reporting to hybrid workplaces, while the Professional Coin Grading Service lets collectors validate their collectibles via an NFC-enabled smartphone.

As businesses move to hybrid remote and in-person workplaces while complying with evolving public-health mandates, they must manage a dynamic enterprise environment with more complex safety and security challenges. With that in mind,  HID Global, a provider of trusted-identity solutions, has announced its HID SAFE Facility and Risk Analytics solution, which is designed to improve efficiency, agility and flexibility in hybrid workplaces through real-time occupancy monitoring, risk analytics and alerting, and reporting functions.

HID has integrated  Innominds' artificial intelligence (AI)-powered iFusion technology into its HID SAFE Facility and Risk Analytics solution, enabling users to create a risk score based on real-time and historical behavioral patterns. The system employs AI technology to compare workplace data from physical security systems to archived information regarding past access-control events, including unauthorized activities. According to HID, this provides a picture of emerging threat scenarios so organizations can diagnose and resolve security risks. In a recent HID survey, almost 70 percent of customers said the future of work will be hybrid. With this collaboration, the two companies report, customers will be able to meet evolving compliance requirements in hybrid work environments.

"The ability to identify patterns of behavior that highlight risk is critical for businesses that increasingly are adopting a hybrid work model with more complex risks and compliance needs," says Julian Lovelock, HID's segment VP, in a prepared statement. "Innominds' iFusion's deep predictive analytics capabilities and its integration with HID Global's physical identity management solutions are designed to ensure a secure enterprise work force environment thus enabling enterprises to embrace the new normal." iFusion analytics technology uses Innominds' proprietary accelerators to generate insights, predictive analytics and real-time reporting from complex data. The technology enables HID SAFE solution users to predict security events so they can improve the effectiveness, efficiency and cost of their security operations.

"We are pleased with this possibility of supporting enterprises' return to work with solutions built on our AI, analytics and data-engineering expertise. We are thrilled to be collaborating with HID Global, who are leveraging our proprietary accelerators and AI-driven analytics platform such as iFusion," said Krishna Guda, Innominds' president and chief strategy officer, in the prepared statement. "Our joint vision to offer a secure back-to-work solution for future enterprises becomes a reality with this collaboration. This strengthens our endeavor to power the Digital Next initiatives of global companies and be at the frontiers of the future of work."

In addition, HID has added its Trusted Tag Services to  Professional Coin Grading Service (PCGS) coin and banknote holders, allowing collectors to validate the authenticity, grade and condition of their PCGS collectibles with a tap of a Near Field Communication (NFC)-enabled smartphone. With the rare coin market exceeding $3 billion, HID explains, product-authentication technology has become a necessity to prevent counterfeit coins and banknotes without compromising the encapsulation or condition of the collectibles.

Collectors Universe first launched HID Trusted Tag Services with approximately 100,000 coins, and HID says the company received positive feedback from its customers. Collectors Universe has now purchased an additional two million NFC tags to embed into broader segments of the PCGS inventory. "HID Trusted Tag Services is the single biggest leap forward for third-party grading since the inception of the collectibles market," said Brett Charville, the president of PCGS, in a separate prepared statement. "I hope that every third-party grading service in the industry considers integrating similar technology into their product lines as well. It's simply that important for the hobby as a whole."

HID's Trusted NFC tags are embedded into PCGS's coin and banknote holders using discreet wet inlays. Collectors can tap a phone to a holder in order to authenticate their collectible via the HID Cloud Authentication service. Each tap generates a unique one-time URL that automatically launches Collectors Universe's proprietary PCGS Cert Verification app or opens a Web browser to display information about the collectible's authenticity. The single-use URLs help prevent spoofing or other attempts to circumvent the HID Trusted Tag Services.

"With the HID solution, Collectors Universe is the first in the numismatic industry and among the first in any of the collectibles fields to utilize this type of anti-counterfeiting technology at scale," said John Nelson, Collectors Universe's chief information officer, in the prepared statement. "The technology provides peace of mind to customers who seek reassurance that their investment is going toward a verifiable collectable."

"HID Trusted Tag Services was specifically designed for Internet of Things use cases that benefit from combining our trusted NFC technology and cloud authentication services to enable new, convenient experiences for customers," added Mark Robinton, HID Global's VP of IoT services, in the statement. "Product authentication and brand protection are some of the many applications we automate by leveraging smartphones to streamline and simplify processes that were previously manual and paper-based."