Has RFID Journal Published Any Articles or White Papers on Jewelry Tracking?

By RFID Journal

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If not, do you know where I could find stories about this subject?

—Al (Fairfield, N.J.)



The only white paper we have posted regarding the use of radio frequency identification to track jewelry is this one: Achieving Return on Investment Using RFID for Jewelry Tracking.

However, we have published a number of articles on tracking jewelry, such as:

RFID Tracks Jewelry Sales, Inventory in Mideast

Cleor Strikes Gold With RFID Solution

Indian Jeweler Gains Efficiency, Customer Service

RSI ID Technologies’ System Uses EPC RFID to Track Jewelry, Eyewear

Swiss Jeweler RFID-Tagging Inventory

Saudi Arabian Jeweler Puts a High Value on RFID

Display-Maker Integrates RFID for Security, Inventory Apps

RFID’s Future Looks Bright for Indian Jewelers

—Mark Roberti, Founder and Editor, RFID Journal