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  • Trial by Tire

    By Pat King

    A test involving car tires demonstrates the importance of designing an RFID deployment that can read tags individually.

  • Securing the RFID Revolution

    By Ray Cavanagh

    Until encryption methods are employed to protect tag data, RFID will continue to face challenges in the marketplace.

  • Beyond The Supply Chain

    By David Crump

    Only when RFID becomes integrated with industrial automation, process control and manufacturing systems will the technology become truly ubiquitous.

  • A Reality Double-Check

    By Ari Juels

    What mobile phones are telling us about RFID security.

  • Where is RFID's ROI in Health Care?

    By Nicholas D. Evans

    The most strategic benefits for radio frequency identification in health care aren't necessarily found in applications with the most apparent return on investment.

  • International Cargo Conundrum

    By Leslie K. Downey

    How much investment in security is enough?

  • Six Sigma and the Single Tag

    By Pat King

    How do you achieve flawless read performance from your RFID system? By making sure it interrogates only one tag at a time.

  • Watching the Clock

    By Chris Diorio

    A tag's clock frequency is critically important to tag performance. Here's why.

  • The Consequences of Convenience

    By Mary Catherine O'Connor

    RFID payment devices might mean we'll spend less time in lines, but will they strengthen or weaken our privacy protections? That remains to be seen.

  • Finding RFID's Business Case in China

    By Steven H.T. Wong

    Right now, Chinese companies don't have a solid reason to invest in the technology.

  • Sink or Swim?

    By Andy Winans

    As you dive into the depths of RFID, be sure to avoid drowning in data.

  • RFID and Small Business

    By Greg Gilbert

    To compete successfully in a marketplace dominated by larger corporations, small companies should deploy the right RFID solution.

  • Branding Alaskan Goods With RFID

    By Oliver Hedgepeth

    The University of Alaska Anchorage is exploring how radio frequency identification can reduce the counterfeiting of Alaskan products and make them more competitive.

  • Eliminating the Static

    By David Steidinger

    Electrostatic discharges can destroy RFID tags during their conversion to labels, but label makers are finding ways to short-circuit the problem.

  • In Search of the Passive Candidate

    By Shel Myeroff

    Sometimes the best-qualified RFID professionals are those not actively seeking a new career opportunity.

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