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  • AspireRFID Can Lower Deployment Costs

    By John Soldatos

    The project, involving academic and research institutions across Europe, has developed free open-source RFID middleware, and is currently working to create a range of tools to facilitate RFID deployment.

  • Brother, Can You Spare a Tag?

    By Kevin Ashton

    A recession is the right time for RFID innovation.

  • How to Realize the Full Potential of EPCIS

    By Ted Osinski

    EPC Information Service applications are powerful tools for maximizing the value of an EPC RFID deployment, and the EPCIS Validation Portal service can help expedite the deployment and implementation of EPCIS.

  • The Business Case for Attacks Against RFID Applications

    By Lukas Grunwald

    The goal of instituting RFID security measures should be to find a balance between an investment in security and the resulting business benefits.

  • How Best to Prepare for the CompTIA RFID+ Exam

    By Marc Cantor

    Training comes in many flavors, from semester-long courses to self-study books and boot camps. Get ready for the test by first reviewing all of the available programs.

  • An Internet of Senses

    By Daeyoung Kim and Jongwoo Sung

    We need to build an integrated architecture that would enable organizations to share physical data collected by wireless sensor networks.

  • Inference ID

    By Kevin Ashton

    When it comes to supply chain visibility, a little RFID can go a long way.

  • The Need for Collaborative Threat Modeling

    By Mike Ahmadi

    To make a logical determination of an RFID system's privacy and security risks, rather than one based on potentially biased perceptions of each individual part, we need to work together to view a security objective in a contextual environment.

  • Don't Shoot the Messenger

    By Jonathan Collins

    In electronic identity cards and passports, contactless RFID technology enables the biometric—or personal—data to be checked quickly.

  • Increasing Read Ranges

    By Hao Min

    An EPC-compliant Gen 2 active tag is on the horizon.

  • RFID Power to the People

    By Kevin Ashton

    Want consumers to accept the technology? Give them applications that make their lives easier.

  • Behind the Headlines

    By Jonathan Collins

    Mifare hacking will not halt contactess ticketing for transportation systems.

  • Protecting EPC Tags

    By Florian Michahelles and Mikko Lehtonen

    In the short term, companies could use a transponder ID written to every microchip to ensure the authenticity of an EPC tag.

  • The Reality Search Engine

    By Kevin Ashton

    While Google is great at finding written or recorded information, it can't deliver when it comes to real-time, real-life events. RFID could change that.

  • Self-Service Border Control

    By Jonathan Collins

    Portugal is taking advantage of a global RFID standard to bring benefits to its government and travelers entering the country.

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