Weatherford Enhances Downhole Drilling Operations Via RFID

By Doug

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Oil and gas drilling requires RFID systems that operate in the harshest environments and can overcome such issues as frequent extreme vibration, high pressure and temperature, harsh downhole fluids, and extended use and run times. Weatherford pioneered the use of RFID as a means to communicate and control downhole drilling, completion and production equipment in oil and gas wells. Deepwater oil and gas companies continually face technical and environmental challenges to drilling and completing wells safely and efficiently. Learn how Weatherford integrated RFID technology into drilling and completions tools to improve performance and reduce risk for offshore operations. Hear about the benefits of selecting RFID-enabled tools rather than traditional tools, the integration of RFID tools with operations and value-added features enabled by RFID. Gain an understanding of contingency, safety and risk-assessment factors, and hear case studies that validate the performance and suitability of selected RFID tools.