Solution-Provider Session – Transforming A&D Supply Chains with IoT Enterprise Sensor Integration (ESI) Solutions

By Doug

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During this presentation, you will learn how RFID and Internet of Things (IoT) sensor technologies can transform fragmented aerospace and defense (A&D) supply chain operations, significantly optimizing asset tracking, inventory management, warehouse and fulfillment operations, and workflow management. Attendees will hear a case study from Tapestry Solutions, which successfully connected 50 Boeing assembly plants with its Enterprise Sensor Integration (ESI) technologies, saving the aerospace giant more than $100 million during its first year alone. For A&D, ESI solves challenges due to advances in technology and threats, including massive data collection from disjointed systems, rapid changes in globally dispersed operations, and integration of platforms such as manned and unmanned systems. Cloud-based ESI seamlessly integrates all types of sensor data on a common platform, regardless of hardware models, transforming big data into actionable information. Learn how ESI provides sensor-agnostic integration for both brands and sensor types, as well as enterprise visibility and control of assets, and integration of analytics to facilitate relevant decision-making.