Solution Provider Session: Secure Connections for a Smarter World through Trusted Solutions with RFID, NFC and Secure ID

By Doug

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Secure connections for a smarter world, that’s the NXP mantra – In this world of the ‘Internet of Things’, our daily lives are becoming more convenient, mobile and fast-paced; leading to a need for solutions that can provide seamless interaction while also providing unmatched security with each transaction. In the recent months we have learned about several major security breaches, with retailers and online companies compromising the identities of tens of millions of consumers resulting in hundreds of millions of dollars in fraud. NXP’s renowned market expertise of world-class security, continual innovation and unmatched contactless performance, provides solutions to retailers and consumers to help overcome these security concerns. NXP’s wide array of leading RFID, NFC and Secure ID solutions are the answer to your ‘Secure Connections for a Smarter World’!