Solution Provider Session: Giving Brick-and-Mortar Retail the Edge of Digital Insight

By Doug

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Intel recently launched the Retail Sensor Platform, which allows retailers to increase inventory accuracy and ensure on-shelf availability. This end-to-end solution offers a simple, affordable way for retailers to gather actionable, near-real-time intelligence—saving money and converting more sales. Intel is focused on providing technology that enables the industry with a solution that addresses retailer issues. The company has redesigned the fixed reader, allowing retailers to track items through RFID tags and preserve customer privacy, while keeping sales staff informed about inventory, stocking and customer traffic. By combining RFID tags with a smart Intel-based platform, brick-and-mortar retail stores can revolutionize inventory tracking, collect in-depth intelligence on customer behavior and preferences, and dramatically reduce losses from misplaced items and inventory shrinkage. Intel’s Retail Sensor Platform is secure, in addition to being easy to manage and integrate with existing store systems. All this helps retailers deliver the best customer experiences and convert sales.