RFID Visibility Data for Business Applications

By Doug

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To many, “RFID data” is what comes out of an RFID reader, but routing the raw information from a reader directly to a business application is a sure path to problems. The business application is locked into the way that information is captured, and the capture operations on the factory floor cannot be upgraded without disturbing the business applications. This session will show how to design RFID visibility data in a way that decouples data capture by RFID readers and other devices from information used by business applications. The result is an agile architecture in which a company can effectively respond to changing business-information needs, and exploit ever-improving RFID hardware. The role of the EPC Information Services (EPCIS) standard will be discussed, and the presenter will explain how that standard can be used effectively, even in closed-loop applications and by those not utilizing Electronic Product Codes.