Purse Company Uses RFID to Discourage Gray Market

By Doug

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When inspectors working for a leather goods manufacturer enter a store searching for gray-market products, they cannot afford to attract attention. The firm sells its merchandise worldwide at brick-and-mortar stores, as well as online. It makes an effort to uncover products being sold at unauthorized venues, and then researches where those goods were diverted to, and by whom. But the unauthorized stores’ management is often not very receptive to such efforts, so the inspectors must be discreet. The inspectors approach a purse or wallet on a store shelf, quickly passing a tiny RFID reader over that item’s tag before the store’s staff can notice what they are doing, after which they make a hasty retreat. Learn how the firm is using UHF RFID readers to interrogate tags sewn into the goods, and then forwards that data to a server via a Bluetooth connection to a smartphone.