NASTAR Ski Program Speeds Up Racecourse Access

By Doug

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NASTAR, a recreational race program for skiers and snowboarders, has launched a radio frequency identification initiative that speeds up access to the program at 20 resorts, in order to allow the automatic identification of racers before they head down the slopes. At any of the 20 ski resorts participating in NASTAR’s RFID program, a racer can receive an RFID-enabled ID card. The first time a racer has his or her card scanned, the staff must look up that individual’s NASTAR record by entering the participant’s NASTAR registration number or last name into the system and then selecting his or her permanent record. Once this is done, the ID number encoded to the card is added to that person’s record, and the next time that racer enters the starting gate, he or she is automatically loaded into the timing software. Learn how the technology enables each NASTAR resort to update its database by connecting to the NASTAR website to post results, and hear how the system may be expanded in the future.