Monitoring Inventory at Multiple Locations With RFID

By Doug

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A clothing company has expanded its radio frequency identification system from what was initially a trial involving five of its stores in Germany, to cover 25 locations across Europe. The company, which manufactures its own apparel and footwear for men, women and children, is testing whether the technology can improve its supply chain visibility and in-store inventory, to ensure that at all times, certain goods are on the shelves for purchase at each of its stores. They launched the system to better ensure that “never out of stock” (NOS) items are always on the shelf, attaching EPC Gen 2 passive UHF tags to hangtags at the point of the garments’ manufacture. To date, 11 apparel suppliers are applying and reading RFID tags at a total of 13 locations. Learn how the firm has employed EPC tags and readers to manage shipments of high-demand items to a total of 25 stores, and how it is using the technology to monitor inventory at each location.