Managing Global Assets Via RFID

By Doug

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A nonprofit agency is using a radio frequency identification system at its Bristol warehouse and London headquarters, in order to identify equipment used during emergency-response scenarios around the world. Approximately 500 assets, such as laptops, satellite telephones, forklifts, vehicles and generators, are fitted with passive ultrahigh-frequency (UHF) RFID tags that are interrogated via handheld readers as the items are sent into the field for use by volunteers, and again when they are returned. The system enables the firm to gain visibility into where specific equipment is located, as well as who is responsible for those assets and when an item is being underutilized (based on it having remained at the local warehouse for an extensive period of time). Learn how management in England is monitoring such details as when there is a shortage of a specific asset at a particular site, and how it easily locates another site in the area that might have such items that have not already been assigned to a volunteer.