Logistics, Supply Chain and IoT in Energy and Mining

By Doug

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A profound technological shift is taking place above the ground (giant trucks have lost their human drivers and become automatic drones run by joysticks from remote-control centers) and under the ground (autonomous drill rigs and trains reduce the need for a human workforce and perform at high efficiency in the toughest conditions) in the energy and mining industries. The digital era, even with its obstacles, is forcing industrialization, automation and systems integration; all three carry the promise of significantly reducing costs of operations. This session’s speaker will define terms (logistics, supply chain and Internet of Things), explore the interactions among them (big data), and analyze different IoT types, investments in IoT solutions per industry, the infrastructure needed to support the IoT and the enabling technologies to do so. Gain an understanding of where standards are going and learn about the benefits (pros) and major problems (cons) that can impact case studies in energy and mining.