Kuehne + Nagel Uses RFID for 24-7 Real-Time Temperature Tracking

By Doug

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Pharmaceuticals are complex, costly and time-consuming to manufacture. At the point of dispatch from the factory, there may be a patient who is waiting for the medication, or who requires an inoculation in order to prevent him or her from contracting a preventable disease. Kuehne + Nagel (KN), one of the world’s leading logistics providers, is using RFID-enabled technology to provide global, real-time monitoring of temperature-sensitive pharmaceutical and health-care products in transit. After implementing the technology, the firm now receives the temperature data as close to real time as possible, enabling it to proactively intervene to secure the cargo in the event of a temperature alarm. Learn how KN has reduced in-transit product loss due to temperature deviations, and how it is saving time and money while improving processes.