IoT Is Buzzy, But Strategies Are Fuzzy: Gain Sanity Amid the IoT Madness

By Doug

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The Internet of Things is the most hyped concept, application or suite of technologies that the IT sector has encountered in many years. The challenge, however, is finding a clear definition for IoT across vertical markets, technology vendors, solutions providers, investors and other interested parties. Once defined, how do organizations then identify and execute the best internal and external IoT strategies—ones that work for you, your partners and your customers? With so many companies claiming to have a stake in the IoT market opportunity, including hundreds of companies actively promoting IoT solutions, is a true definition or hierarchy of values for IoT emerging? Learn how to find your way down the IoT path, and hear about strategies that may help you reach your destination. The road may be long and winding, and a little guidance and direction can go a long way in helping you find success.