Improving Patient Experience With RFID

By Doug

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When a regional health-care organization combined three of its area clinics into a single facility to merge medical practices, radiation treatment and radiology, it wanted the new, larger, 36,000-square-foot site to maintain the feeling of smaller clinics. That meant each of the more than 400 patients treated daily at the facility should feel confident that he or she would be seen quickly and never be overlooked. The firm considered a variety of technology options and chose a system that allowed it to identify the locations of patients and health-care workers, in order to ensure personalized and timely care. In addition, the system provides medical assistants with visibility into when a specific examination room is free and ready for use by a new patient. Physicians and nurses also wear the badges, thereby enabling the facility to track how long a particular patient awaited treatment before a health-care provider visited his or her examining room. Learn how the technology enables staff members to find colleagues in real time.