Improving Delivery Times With RFID

By Doug

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A producer and exporter of iron ore is deploying an RFID solution to speed up customers’ deliveries, saving time and money. The firm conducts more than 7,000 truck runs daily to and from multiple locations, including mines, processing plants and jetties. All of the trucking routes are on crowded roads shared with other mining companies and the general public. In addition to dealing with the traffic, the firm must comply with government restrictions on transport time—it has to complete those daily runs within seven hours—as well as the allowable weight of truck shipments. Learn how the company attached passive ultrahigh-frequency RFID tags to its fleet of 7,000 trucks, and how it installed fixed RFID readers at the security entry gates to all mines and plants in order to track trucks passing through checkpoints and arriving at weigh stations. Readers were also installed on the weighbridges to automate transactions (such as weight, stock transfer order, route information and quality), and at the entry gates to jetties. Site engineers use handheld readers wherever it is impossible to install fixed readers due to a lack of electricity and proper infrastructure.