Food Company Uses NFC RFID to Market Its Products at Concert

By Doug

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A cereal company recently tested an NFC RFID solution at a concert so that it could learn more about its customers, as well as provide them with access to music and videos. The marketing campaign, offered to every attendee at the event, gained a response via NFC technology from 14 percent of the 700 attendees who received NFC-enabled cards along with cereal samples. During the concert, samples of the cereal were handed out to interested attendees. Accompanying those boxes of cereal were cards printed with the words "Discover More!", similar in size and dimension to a playing card, with a built-in NFC RFID tag. Instructions were printed on the card, explaining the four-step process involved in using the technology. The solution did not require users of NFC-enabled phones to download an app. Instead, they simply tapped their phone against the card, and the phone’s reader captured that card’s unique identifier and accessed the URL associated with the concert. Learn how the cereal company intends to test the NFC solution at another location, and how it eventually hopes to include payment options as well.