Equipment Company Improves Customer Service Via RFID

By Doug

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Fluid-dispensing equipment company is offering an RFID-enabled version of its jet fluid-dispensing cartridge, enabling customers to automatically track and store the number of cycles that each cartridge has undergone. The technology, which uses a passive high-frequency 13.56 MHz RFID tag embedded in each cartridge, also enables users to ensure that the correct cartridge is being used for a particular job. The cartridge’s tag is read by an RFID reader incorporated into the dispenser machinery (or robot), to ensure that the cartridge has sufficient remaining use life for the job at hand, and that it is the cartridge designed for that process. The dispensing robot includes a reservoir filled with whichever fluid needs to be dispensed, along with a pump-like mechanism for delivering that fluid to the cartridge. Learn how the system not only ensures that the correct cartridge is always in use during a specific product’s manufacture, but also provides the manufacturer with an electronic record of which cartridges were used during that job.