Enterprise Sensor Integration: Your Gateway to the Industrial IoT

By Doug

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The Internet of Things is fueling a fourth Industrial Revolution, and with it comes significant interoperability challenges for industries. This presentation will show you how Boeing subsidiary Tapestry Solutions has addressed the interoperability challenges with its Enterprise Sensor Integration (ESI) technology. ESI is an innovative, sensor-agnostic platform that ensures interoperability across all brands, manufacturers and ERP systems. Cloud-based and affordable, ESI interfaces with major RFID vendors, as well as sensor-based solutions from Oracle, SAP and other industry leaders. ESI has global enterprise scalability that ensures total asset visibility of parts, equipment and processes, anywhere in the world. Tapestry rolled out ESI at 50 Boeing plants, where the system seamlessly connects more than 100 sensor technologies. ESI saved Boeing more than $100 million during its first year alone and continues to generate savings each year by improving productivity, reducing inventory costs and increasing supply chain visibility.