Connecting People, Processes and Data With Enterprise Sensor Integration Technology

By Doug

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With increasing volumes of data in today’s digital landscape, manufacturers face the enormous challenge of effectively tracking and managing their assets and workflow processes with a multitude of disparate sensor technologies. Tapestry Solutions, a Boeing company, has addressed these challenges with its innovative Enterprise Sensor Integration (ESI) middleware solution that provides standardization across the entire enterprise. Learn how ESI seamlessly connects people, processes and data sources—including GPS, RFID, Wi-Fi and ultra-wideband—onto a single platform to improve asset visibility, workflow processes and productivity in order to substantially reduce operating costs. Learn how Tapestry implemented this technology across 50 Boeing plants, saving its parent company more than $100 million during its first year alone. Find out how this hardware-agnostic, open-source software can help you grow your bottom line and serve as your trusted platform for the Internet of Things.