Case Study: Deployment of Aerospace RFID to More Than 60 OEMs—What’s Ahead for RFID Parts-Marking?

By Doug

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OEMs started using RFID for aerospace parts-marking just five short years ago. Since then, this technology has been adopted across the aerospace industry because of its efficiencies in time, cost and reliability. Leading the pack in RFID parts-marking, MAINtag started offering enterprise solutions in 2010, and has deployed more than a million flyable RFID tags globally. In this session, hear key success factors that enable smooth and reliable RFID implementation with transparent, easy-to-use and cost-efficient upgrades from older nameplate IDs to hybrid RFID integrated labels. Learn how such transformation can be driven without significant changes in OEMs, airlines or MRO practices. Expansion to all aircraft, including Airbus, Boeing, Irkut and Bell Helicopter initiatives, require interoperability, expertise and close supervision. Solutions are market-ready for ODBC, AS/400, SAP, LINUX and Oracle, providing a new paradigm that outperforms the ROI of older parts-marking approaches. Hear how RFID is transforming aerospace MRO by taking maintenance and cabin inventory operations to a higher level of efficiency.