Asset Tracking in Harsh Environments Using an Interoperable Active RFID System

By Doug

  • TAGS

Supply chain optimization is now an imperative for corporations. Unfortunately, current track-and-trace functionality does not cover the end-to-end supply chain. The greatest impediment to a complete solution are the varied proprietary active tagging systems that do not allow for interoperability. During this presentation, Tony Kington will introduce Omni-ID’s new Power 415, the industry’s first active tag that runs on the IEEE 802.15.4 protocol, enabling interoperability between provider products. This tag is the first combination UHF passive-active RFID tag that is certified intrinsically safe and designed for extreme durability and use in dangerous environments, such as the energy industry. This powerful combination provides the ability to create dynamic systems that include bar codes, as well as passive and active RFID, allowing vendors and operators to encode and identify assets over a common format, creating a truly interoperable system.