3-D Printing and RFID: A New Industrial Revolution

By Doug

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As technology advances in capability and quality, traditional manufacturers are turning to 3-D printing or additive manufacturing (AM), not as a replacement for high-volume manufacturing, but as a research tool and a low-volume solution. AM has the potential to radically change business and engineering processes during the next decade, as some organizations have been discovering, through the use of rapid prototyping (RP). The growth of 3-D printing for prototyping, final production and other applications is important to the RFID industry, because it can fundamentally change how products are manufactured. This evolution will bring both new manufacturing techniques and RFID technology to smaller firms that traditionally would have viewed either option as out of reach. Learn how RFID is currently being used as a complementary technology to enhance 3-D printing, and how it can expand the horizons of the RFID industry in the future.