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  • Registration Now Open for LIVE! 2014

    RFID Journal's 12th annual conference, to be held on Apr. 8-10, in Orlando, will open with a keynote presentation by Kim Phillips, head of packaging at Marks & Spencer.

  • Conferences Track Attendees Via UHF RFID

    The technology, provided by Global Registration Solutions, allows expositions and conferences to identify when attendees enter and leave specific areas or attempt to claim a free meal.

  • French Utility Finds Turbine Components Fast

    An RFID solution from Nexess allows Électricité de France to quickly locate replacement parts when a gas turbine fails, keeping downtime to a minimum.

  • Researchers Develop Energy-Harvesting NFC Tag With Sensors, E-Paper Display

    Intel and university scientists have created a prototype tag that can be interrogated, controlled and recharged by an NFC-enabled smartphone.

  • William Frick Offers Municipalities a Low-Cost Solution for Tracking City Assets

    The tag manufacturer has released an RFID-based solution designed to let municipalities, utilities, industrial companies or hospitals monitor equipment using software loaded on a handheld reader, without requiring integration with a back-end system.

  • EchoRFID Offers Views Into Buried Oil and Gas or Utility Pipes

    The company's EchoShield PipeTalker solution is designed to track the locations and histories of pipes or other equipment from the point of manufacture through inspections and maintenance after installation.

  • RFID News Roundup

    Lexus partners with MyDealerLot to implement RFID-enabled customer-service solutions; Radiant RFID releases RFID-enabled first-responder location reporting for 2013 hurricane season; item-level tagging fuels global RFID market, Frost & Sullivan says; Oberthur Technologies' NFC SIM cards to carry HID Global's Seos digital keys; NSA approves wireless sensor design that could help protect nuclear facilities; association promoting microSD format announces support for Near Field Communication RFID; Gartner lowers forecast for NFC-based mobile-payment transactions.

  • RFID News Roundup

    NXP, Alioth partner on SmartMX2 smart cards; Adlink announces new RFID-enabled industrial mobile handheld computer; Arjowiggins Creative Papers showcases new paper substrate for printed RFID and other electronic components; Laird Technologies launches low-energy Bluetooth smart modules for medical and other devices; Bayer HealthCare awards employee evacuation project to Radiant RFID; Excelsior Metal Products unveils RFID-enabled Refrigerated Electronic Locker System.

  • University of Arkansas Researchers Study How to Link Visual Identification Technology With RFID

    The school's RFID Research Center and the Center for Advanced Spatial Technologies will also try to develop standardized formats for VIT data, while testing the use of visual data with radio frequency identification for inventory tracking.

  • AXON Energy Acquires Merrick Systems' RFID Product Line

    The reorganization of the two companies—both owned by HitecVision—enables AXON to provide an oil-and-gas industry solution consisting of LF and UHF tags, an LF-UHF handheld reader and software to manage the collected data.

  • Energy-Harvesting Sensors to Monitor Health of Jet Engines

    The wireless sensors will be utilized to monitor engine bearings on F-35 Joint Strike Fighters while in flight, using their turbines' heat to power RFID transmissions.

  • Powercast Debuts Energy-Harvesting Wireless Sensor System

    The technology allows the sensors to receive and harvest RF energy to power their own transmissions, eliminating the need for replaceable batteries.

  • GDF Suez Tries RFID Underground

    The multinational energy firm is testing a system that employs passive RFID tags to enable the detection of subterranean polyethylene utility pipes.

  • RFID Tracks Wooden Utility Poles at the Factory and in the Field

    Cox Industries is using EPC Gen 2 tags to manage the storage and shipment of poles that it makes, while a South Carolina city is employing similar tags to manage its poles' inspection and maintenance.

  • N.Y. State Agency Is More Energy-Efficient, Thanks to RFID

    Taking inventory of hundreds of computers, printers, monitors and other electronic equipment can now be accomplished in a single day, instead of several weeks.

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