RFID Applications and Use Cases in Health Care

Here are the major ways in which radio frequency identification technologies are being deployed at hospitals, clinics, nursing homes and other facilities.
Published: November 17, 2019

I’m not sure if he saw my Editor’s Note from last week (see The Benefits of RFID in Apparel), in which I discussed the technology’s applications in the apparel sector, but I received an email this week from a person asking about all of the applications for RFID in the health-care field. I explained that the most important applications involve tracking assets to increase utilization rates and reduce capital expenditures on replacements that aren’t really needed, as well as monitoring patients to ensure they are safe and are being treated in a timely way.

I then listed some of the major use cases for RFID technologies at hospitals, clinics, nursing homes and other facilities, and I provided real-world examples from articles published on our website. I now share these with you in the hope that they will help health-care providers see how powerful RFID is and the many different benefits it can deliver. So here goes:

Tracking Assets and Improving Utilization Rates

San Joaquin Hospital Boosts Asset Utilization

Asset Tracking Underway at WakeMed Cary Hospital

Tokyo Hospital Tracks Equipment via RFID-Enabled Shelving

Tracking Patients and Staff

Killure Bridge Nursing Home Tracks Staff, High-Risk Residents

Haus Desiree Uses RTLS to Keep an Eye on Nursing Home Residents

Wi-Fi RFID System for Long-Term Care

Wright University Researchers Test RFID and Ultrasound for 3-D RTLS

Nursing Home in Turkey Installs Elpas RTLS from Tyco Security Products

German Senior Citizens Home Implements Ekahau Wi-Fi RTLS

RFID Tracks Elderly Care Participants and Staff, Onsite and Off

Retirement Community Gains Insight From RTLS

Answering the Call at Senior Care Facility

Tracking Implantable Devices and Consumables

RFID Heals Hospital’s Inventory Problems

Concord Hospital Implements Logi-D Replenishment System

Tennessee Hospital Tracks High-Value Items

Tracking Pharmaceuticals

German Hospital Expects RFID to Eradicate Drug Errors

Nyack Hospital Tracks Medication Compliance

North Carolina Hospital Identifies Recalled Drugs Via RFID

Improving Hospital-Based Medication Administration Using NFC

Rady Children’s Hospital Tracks Anesthetic Drugs Via RFID

RxSafes Machines Use RFID to Automatically Dispense Medications

Tracking Tissue Samples

Irish Hospital Tracks Precious Samples

RFID Provides Tissue-Tracking Gains for Hospitals

Aegis Sciences Corp. Manages Bio Samples More Efficiently With RFID

Monitoring Patient Conditions

Hospital Using RTLS to Monitor Patients’ Conditions

California State Hospitals Expand Personal-Duress System

Rehab Center Monitors Patients With Ultra-wide Band

Monitoring Hand-Hygiene Compliance

Hospital’s Hand-Hygiene Rate Doubles With RTLS Technology

Hospital Deploys RFID to Boost Hand-Washing Compliance

Technologies Solutions Group Markets RFID Hand-Hygiene Compliance System

Tracking Patients and Matching Services to Them

Hospital Uses RFID for Surgical Patients

Chicago Hospital Deployment Delivers a Healthy ROI

Tracking Blood Used for Transfusions

RFID Tracks Blood at Australia’s Liverpool Hospital

RFID Tracks Blood for Pediatric Transfusions

Tracking Shelf Life

RFID Enables Use of Non-synthetic Cleaner by Tracking Expirations

Garment Tracking

Tagsys-Dreamydress Solution Tracks Garments in Hundreds of Nursing Homes

RFID Tidies Up Distribution of Hospital Scrubs

Novel Applications

RFID to Track Dentures at Nursing Homes

Electronic Underpants Help Caregivers Cope With Incontinence

RFID Helps Secure Dignity for Senior Community Residents

RFID Fills Security Gap at Psychiatric Ward

RTLS Offers Novel Approach to Dementia Research

RFID Gives Dementia Patients Their Freedom

Operating Room Applications

I recently wrote about some of the common applications in this area (see How Is RFID Being Used in Hospital Operating Rooms?). As you can see, there are many applications and use cases for RFID in health care, and numerous hospitals have employed the technology for one or more of them. Few have implemented RFID for more than three or four, however, so there are many benefits still to be had.

Mark Roberti is the founder and editor of RFID Journal.