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The Electronic Accountability Act

By B. Slowik 2006-03-18 09:20:58 PM

As a former B.O.P. Federal prisoner (1999-2001) and a low-level sex offender, I have a real hard time understanding why I cannot drum up an honest debate with intelligent and understanding people about the tagging of citizens. This IS an inevitable end. The Christian right will be up in arms over this post but oh well.

The New World Electronic Accountability Act.
A 3 phase Plan For Electronic Security in the New World

With the advent of today’s implantable tracking chip technology why are we still incarcerating nonviolent low to mid level first offence criminals for ungodly or inhumane lengths of time? The costs are too high, and the returns too low, the time is now for change; let us not hesitate to move forward in this, the greatest of ages.
The United States has long been a leader in Democracy and Technology, let us go forth from this point with commitment and resolve, and through our actions unify the planet for the future.
Phase 1: Est. implantation time 2 yrs.
We have had a seemingly innocuous start with identification chip implants for pets and breeding animals to keep track of breeding data, with industry use to track products and prevent loss and theft, and with the rich elite to prevent the loss of loved ones to kidnapping. The next logical step would therefore be to apply this technology to our low and medium level non-violent criminal classes with sentences of at least one year or more.
If we began to offer the Digital Angel tracking chip, or any other like device after 1 yr of clear conduct at a penal institution, or even offered by Judges as a complete alternative to some instances of incarceration, it would be openly accepted by a vast majority of offenders. This would thereby circumvent the question of ethics or privacy, as it would be 100% voluntary. Sex offender tagging would be mandatory. I had the opportunity to discuss my idea with a great number of disenfranchised citizens flowing through FCI Waseca during my 27month sentence and many echoed my opinion that the chip would be an excellent alternative to their unreasonable sentences and way for the tracking and understanding of criminals and their behavior.

This implant by agreement could at any time during the serving of the electronic sentence, or period of electronic supervised release, be recalled for upgraded technology and be re-implanted. The implants in question would enable law-enforcement to monitor and track ex-offenders, and at the same time allow the individuals to carry with them their criminal record, medical history, financial and tax records, and many other forms of data, either directly or indirectly via transmission of their PIN number to the central computer system. Tracking of individuals could be done world wide via satellites, or on a local level from land based stations or vehicles. At this point all eyes of the planet would be upon this groundbreaking project of mercy for the many nonviolent offenders in our prisons today. If all progresses smoothly, the rest of the world will follow our example.

Phase 2: Estimated time to implementation 2 yrs.
By this time chip technology should be sufficiently advanced as to allow detection of heart rate and respirations, of illicit substances or alcohol, and possibly even be able disarm or disable disenfranchised citizens by direct neural stimulation from afar, thereby ending some of the need for direct use of projectile weapons to stop ex-offenders in the event that they have not been sufficiently deterred from committing new crimes.
After seeing what this can do for our criminal class, it will become all to apparent that this is the best way to protect our children and the elderly. If someone disappears, they could be instantly located by GPS. If Grandmother or Jr. collapses with a medical condition a response team could be instantly called, and they could read the medical data with hand held scanners. The citizen’s insurance/credit account could be automatically debited for treatment, while family members would be notified of the individual’s condition by the central computer.

Phase 3: Estimated time of implementation 3 to 5 yrs.
At this point in time all or most all of the remaining citizenry would be sufficiently impressed with the project, enough so as to want their own implant. It would be offered to parents at the birth of their children. Car dealers would begin to manufacture keyless cars that would only start with the proper PIN numbers, and only if the subject is not under the influence of drugs or alcohol. Gun manufacturers would begin to make their product with electronic lockouts, enabling no one but the authorized and registered owner to use them. Proximity sensors could be installed around schools and in children’s watches that could signal at the approach of a sex offender. Electronic debiting could be done with the wave of a hand, there would be little need to carry hard currency on your persons, and little if any need for individual tax audits. Your Doctor may even be able to know the moment cancer strikes, and send you to treatment before it becomes critical. The advantages of this line in programming and R and D are too numerous to list.

If you have read this document through, in its entirety, and with the open mind of a futurist and realist, I thank you. The world awaits our action, for the end truly justifies the means. Please feel free to copy and forward this to any individuals that may have an interest in peace and National/World security.
Pro RFID Spokesman,
Michael T. Butler.

This paper was modified from the 2000 original to reflect this citizen’s current status as a disenfranchised ex-prisoner.

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The Electronic Accountability Act
By B. Slowik

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