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Defense News

  • DASH7 Alliance Forms to Advance Active RFID Standard

    The DASH7 Alliance is a new organization that formed to promote the use of active RFID technology that conforms to the ISO 18000-7 standard. The organization wants to further technical development, facilitate and certify interoperability, and promote new uses of the technology.

  • Keynotes Announced for RFID Journal LIVE! 2009

    Industry leaders from Boeing, the U.S. Department of Defense, Motorola and fashion retailer Charles Voegele will deliver keynote addresses at the conference and exhibition, to be held Apr. 27-29.

  • RFID Detector Offers Low-Cost Troubleshooting Device

    The device illuminates an LED upon sensing RFID transmission from a UHF reader, thereby offering a low-cost tool for installers and RFID reader owners.

  • New Legislation Could Criminalize RFID Security Testing

    Nevada legislators are considering Senate Bill 125 (SB 125), which would make unauthorized collection of personal information by RFID a felony. Critics say wording of the bill would criminalize legitimate forms of testing and research.

  • Hybrid Tag Includes Active RFID, GPS, Satellite and Sensors

    A new tag from Numerex and Savi Technology can intelligently determine whether to communicate via an active RFID network or satellite communications, thereby promising more thorough, end-to-end visibility in a global supply chain.

  • U.S. Army Achieves Real-Time Visibility of Supply Trucks Traveling in the Middle East

    A solution leveraging devices that act like RFID tags and communicate via satellite and cellular communications is helping ensure troops in Iraq receive their necessary supplies.

  • New York May Regulate Retail RFID Use

    Draft legislation would require businesses in New York state to inform consumers if RFID-tagged merchandise is present and to deactivate tags at the point of sale. Businesses would also be banned from requiring RFID tags to accept returned merchandise, and from sharing data collected by RFID.

  • U.S. Defense Department Picks Four for RFID III

    The U.S. Department of Defense has authorized Savi Technology, Northrop Grumman, Unisys and SPEC to bid for orders to supply 433.92 MHz active RFID tags and readers, as well as related software and services.

  • SecureRF to Develop Secure RFID for US Air Force

    The US Air Force wants active RFID tags it can use with sensors to monitor the location and status of assets but which can't be read by enemies. SecureRF received a grant to help develop the RFID system, which will also securely encode all data transmission.

  • DHS to Track Immigration Detainees with RFID

    The US Department of Homeland Security is equipping 19 domestic facilities with active RFID technology to track immigration detainees. The project may mark the first use of RFID for prisoner tracking by a US federal government agency.

  • EPCglobal Plans Multi-technology RFID Pilot

    EPCglobal is planning an international logistics pilot that will use passive and active RFID technologies, the EPCIS RFID data communication protocol, and multiple standardized numbering systems to track and secure ocean-bound cargo shipments from Japan to the Netherlands.

  • NASA Discovers RTLS Works Well in Small Spaces

    Boeing and NASA installed an ultra-wideband (UWB) real-time location system (RTLS) at the Kennedy Space Center to track thousands of assets used to support the International Space Station. One innovative feature is the use of vehicle-mounted readers to track items delivered to the launch pad.

  • RFID Patent Pool Approved by US Government

    The US Department of Justice last week issued a letter to the RFID Consortium, indicating its approval for the organization's intent to manage an industry patent pool that it hopes will facilitate licensing of intellectual property related to Gen2 RFID. The approval process clears the way for the Consortium to "open for business."

  • Dutch Forensics Lab Tracks Evidence With RFID

    The Dutch Forensic Institute (NFI) tracks crime scene evidence in real time using RFID, providing complete chain-of-custody documentation to authorities.

  • DOD Awards Passive RFID Contract to Six Vendors

    The contracts have the potential to provide the military with $75.5 million worth of products and services during the next six years.

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