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Asset Tracking News

  • The Present and Future of RFID in Logistics

    At the event held last month in Las Vegas, some of the leading logistics providers described their current progress with RFID and provided an analysis of the long-term potential of the technology's role in their operations. This guest article from Forrester Research recaps what they said.

  • U.S. Army Uses UWB to Track Trainees

    The U.S. Army is using ultra-wideband RFID sensors to help track the movements of soldiers during combat training maneuvers.

  • Report Shows How Wal-Mart Did It

    The University of Arkansas has published a study detailing how Wal-Mart's use of RFID to track cases of products reduced out-of-stocks by 16 percent.

  • RFID Recommendations to Logistics Providers

    This third article of a three-part series from Forrester Research about RFID's adoption in the transport and logistics industry offers recommendations to transport and logistics providers as they approach RFID.

  • Asset Management Heats Up with Axcess Offering

    Axcess International yesterday announced Asset Activator, a comprehensive physical asset management solution based on semi-active RFID technology. RFID Update spoke with Allan Griebenow, President and CEO of Axcess, about the new offering.

  • AMR Research on the Auto Industry and RFID

    New survey data from AMR Research sheds light on why the automotive industry isn't embracing RFID more enthusiastically to cut down on the wildly inefficient process of replacing nondisposable containers, a process that costs the industry an estimated $1.4 billion annually. This article elaborates.

  • RFID Antenna to Catch Fish

    Work is being carried out to deploy a 16-by-16-foot RFID reader antenna at a chute on the Columbia River to track tagged salmon whizzing past at 60 miles per hour.

  • Sun Announces RFID Asset Tracking Solution

    Sun Microsystems today announced the Sun RFID Industry Solution for Physical Asset Tracking to monitor the location of non-networked assets geographically distributed across an enterprise.

  • Look to Asset Management for ROI

    In this guest article from AMR Research, analyst Dennis Gaughan argues that, in the race to find ROI from cross-supply chain activity, companies deploying RFID may be ignoring the better, more immediate source of ROI: internal asset management.

  • Overview of Legacy RTLS Vendors

    In this guest article from Yankee Group, analyst Marcus Torchia surveys the current vendor space of 802.11 based active RFID real-time location systems (RTLS).

  • Overview of 802.11 RTLS Vendors

    In this guest article from Yankee Group, analyst Marcus Torchia surveys the current vendor space of 802.11 based active RFID real-time location systems (RTLS).

  • Case Study in Fixed Asset Management

    Much has been written discussing the difficulties of implementing EPC passive RFID tags in the supply chain, so this article will attempt to present a viable new use for these tags in an old and seemingly forgotten application: fixed asset management.

  • IBM and Cisco Serious About RFID

    Amid the flurry of announcements coming out of the EPCglobal conference, some of the biggest names in technology are asserting their commitment to the RFID market with new products and services. Today we look at the announcements of two such heavy-hitters, IBM and Cisco.

  • RTLS Market To Exceed $1.6 Billion by 2010

    This is the second guest article from Yankee Group, with predicts that active RFID real-time location systems RTLS will have less than $20 million in revenue for 2005. However, rapid growth will happen in the next several years: global revenue will exceed $1.6 billion by 2010.

  • The Active RFID Market, Part 1

    In this guest article from Yankee Group, analyst Marcus Torchia defines active RFID real-time location systems (RTLS), explains the different kinds, and makes recommendations to enterprises in the market to purchase one.

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