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RFID Can Build Customer Loyalty

The technology can be used to populate a customized Web page with data, enabling customers to see their interactions with an entertainment establishment, fitness company or retailer.
By Mark Roberti
Fitness companies could also employ RFID and the Web to encourage people to work out regularly—and to renew memberships. Some health clubs are already using RFID to track their members' workouts (see RFID Helps Turkish Gym-Goers Get Fit and RFID Pumps Up Women's Workouts). But if that information were uploaded to a secure Web page, where you could review your progress—the amount of weight lifted, the number of repetitions, and even your body weight and bicep size—it might encourage you to log off your computer and head to the gym. The system could also allow you go online, answer questions, review your workout options and customize your fitness plan.

A similar system could be utilized in upscale apparel stores, some of which are already using "magic mirrors" in dressing rooms to enhance the shopping experience (see To Glimpse RFID's Future Down Under, Gaze into the EPCmagic Mirror). In addition to providing information about the items you're trying on, and recommending accessories to complement the clothing, the system could allow you to take a photo or short video of yourself in each outfit, then upload it to a secure area on the retailer's Web site.

If you're not sure about purchasing some of the items you've tried on, you could go home and show your friends or spouse the photos. If they like the way you look in the clothing, you could buy the exact colors, sizes and styles you want online and have them delivered, or go back to the store, wave your loyalty card at the service desk and pick up the items in person. At our recent RFID in Fashion 2009 event, Eric Mauriello, Schematic's senior VP, described this process as bookmarking and creating a wish list—two online shopping concepts—in the real world.

All of these ideas give the individual more information, and the ability to view it at their leisure, which is sure to enhance loyalty. All it requires is software development and some creativity.

Mark Roberti is the founder and editor of RFID Journal. If you would like to comment on this article, click on the link below. To read more of Mark's opinions, visit the RFID Journal Blog or click here.

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