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RFID Label Converter Releases Full Solution

ITL Group is selling an end-to-end solution that includes its own UHF RFID labels for retail products, as well as reader hardware and its cloud-based software, enabling stores to launch pilots rapidly.
By Claire Swedberg

ITL's software is cloud-based and is offered as a software-as-a-service (SaaS). During a pilot, the software can manage read data and provide inventory counts, as well as alerts and analytics regarding the stock counts at the front of a store or in the back room. As soon as goods are tagged, the store can then begin viewing inventory data and using that information to ensure the on-shelf availability of goods. It can also compare the data against non-RFID equipped stores.

Based on that information, stores can determine whether and how quickly to deploy the technology permanently. Over time, companies can integrate the ReflectRFID software directly into their own inventory-management system. The solution can be provided along with pre-encoded tags, in which case a store could simply begin reading tags via handheld devices, and can also offer a Web-based application enabling users to print tags in-store.

ITL's Simon Phelps
Phelps predicts the solution will be of greatest value to small and mid-sized retailers, though he believes some large brands and retailers will deploy the system as well. Most larger companies have the benefit of an IT department that can accomplish the installation and integration more easily, he adds. ITL supplies such companies with its RFID labels as it proceeds to scale up RFID solutions en masse. "In the RFID space," he states, "we see our niche for 360RFID in the small to medium-sized businesses with an end-to-end solution."

Such companies still want to test the technology, ITL finds, and they want to do so quickly. "This is out of the box," Phelps says, "but we still add a level of customization because there's never a one-size-fits-all." ITL is urging companies to keep their focus on inventory management first, and then to expand their deployments to other use cases, such as point-of-sale, shrinkage reduction or consumer engagement (such as interactive magic mirrors). "Overwhelmingly," he reports, "the largest ROI [return on investment] still remains around inventory accuracy."

With most pilots, Phelps says, "the ROI that captivates them the most is the sales uplift related to better stock management." Then they begin to identify all the advantages that go along with it. "Before you know it, you have a really compelling business case." The company is currently working with several brands and retailers. Tagging at the point of manufacture, Phelps explains, allows fast fashion management to view supply chain from the point of manufacture to sale. In the meantime, he says, ITL continues to sell its RFID labels to retailers and brands worldwide. "We will always see our software as an enabler" for those tags, Phelps states.

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