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How the IoT Is Collapsing Different Oil and Fuel Theft Methods

The Internet of Things is helping the oil industry monitor the movement of crude oil and its products, even from remote locations.
By Sanjeev Verma

Tanker Transportation
Oil tank trucks and tankers are used to transfer petroleum products from refineries to petrol pumps. Truck drivers often partner with thieves and empty the tankers' contents into their containers. To make up for the lost fuel, the drivers then add kerosene with petrol or diesel in the tank and sell the combined fuel to petrol pumps. Due to such adulteration, the engines of automobiles using this fuel becomes damaged, resulting in over-emission of harmful gases.

IoT implementation helps oil companies to develop a robust monitoring platform that lets them track the movement of fuel across vast distances while ensuring its quality. With the use of various sensors, different attributes—such as the volume and quality of oil or fuel—can be monitored by the oil companies.

The sensors attached in the tanker continuously measure the volume of fuel, forwarding this information to a centralized platform, along with other parameters. An alert is also transmitted to the platform hub via a network if the level of fuel decreases within the tanker. This helps oil companies to confirm that the fuel reaches its destination without any complications.

Oil thievery has become a practice that results in the illicit movement of billions of dollars' worth of fuel. It affects the process of crude exploration, transportation and refining. Oil and fuel theft security is thus one of the most prominent aspects that the industry needs to work upon. Various social, economic and environmental challenges associated with oil can be tackled with use of the Internet of Things. Implementations of the IoT in this sector have brought in capabilities related to real-time monitoring and analytics. The IoT's applicability in the fuel theft prevention field has enabled oil refineries and companies to ensure the protection of crude and petroleum products.

Sanjeev Verma is the founder of Biz4Intellia, one of the leading IoT development companies in the United States. He is extremely passionate about the Internet of Things and explores the possibilities unleashed by the IoT on a constant basis. At Biz4Intellia, Sanjeev's concrete focus is on building a rapid growing, market-driven organization that delivers influential IoT business solutions.

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