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Sales Up By 40 Percent for New York Venues With RFID Wristband

Billfold POS's HF RFID-based solution allows concert-goers to make credit card payments for food, beverages and merchandise at Brooklyn Mirage and similar venues, thereby reducing payment times to less than five seconds and reducing or eliminating queues.
By Claire Swedberg

The POS device reader captures the wristband ID, and Billfold POS's app links that ID with the credit card information and the individual linked to that card. The payment transaction is completed, then the funds are withdrawn from the credit card account and are received by the vendor in real time. A receipt can be e-mailed to the individual making the purchase.

This can all be accomplished before a person even receives his or her drink or food, thereby making the transaction process faster and reducing queues. In fact, Naughton says, "It's a five-second process now. By the time the bartender finishes the drink, it's already paid for." As soon as the system was deployed, he reports, "People found it fun." Guests didn't need to fumble with credit cards or cash, and they no longer had to worry about meeting or exceeding a pre-paid amount.

Immediately, Naughton says, the company found that food and beverage sales jumped from $28 to $32 per person up to $44 per person with the Billfold POS solution in place. By reducing queues and wait times for those ordering food and drinks, Brooklyn Mirage is able to free up space for the venue as well, and events can typically serve as many as 6,000 attendees with 25 bartenders, with few or no lines.

When Avant Garner deployed the Billfold POS system, Naughton says, it expected a sales boost of 20 to 25 percent, but it instead found that the increase was between 40 and 50 percent. In the future, the firm plans to expand the use case to enable access to backstage or other areas that could require VIP access. The system could include POS terminals at these sites, so that individuals could pay for VIP access onsite when they wish to access a secured area.

The technology also provides an advertising platform, Naughton notes. For one thing, the customer-facing screen has a dedicated space that consumes half of its face for advertising. That allows the company to display ads for brands, or to use the system to boost sales of products it needs to move more quickly. The Brooklyn Mirage venue is using 80 to 100 screens at the bar areas.

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