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RFID Ensures Equipment Is on Hand for Poker Tournaments

Alpha Logistics Europe is leveraging a UHF RFID system from Real Asset Management to gain visibility into each piece of equipment that goes to poker tournament sites, and to ensure that they are then returned when the event ends.
By Claire Swedberg

When goods are required for a tournament, personnel load those items onto trucks, and the driver or another operator then uses the Zebra handheld to read the items' tags, thereby identifying what is unloaded onsite. The reader forwards the tag data to the cloud-based software, which can then be compared against the shipment order to confirm that all necessary items are onsite.

Once the tournament is complete, the assets are packed and loaded back onto the truck, and are then interrogated again via the handheld reader. If the software determines that a specific item delivered to the site is not being packed for return to the warehouse, an alert is displayed on the handheld. That information then allows the staff member to locate that asset before the truck leaves.

The system also works for in-house stock-taking, Naran says. Manual audits of goods in the warehouse would be time-consuming, he explains, and also prone to errors. With RFID, the company can quickly capture an audit of all goods onsite at any given time, and gain an up-to-date view into when any specific item may have gone missing. "Auditability is a key benefit for them," Naran states.

"RAM's software provides us with a full audit trail and visibility of the exact location of each piece of equipment," Page says, "with a record of its expected return date." The system also enables the company to maintain a central record of key details, such as equipment purchase date, cost and supplier.

With the technology, the company is able to reduce the number of man-hours that would otherwise be spent manually counting goods as they are transported and returned from tournament sites, while also ensuring that the absence of an asset is detected quickly and can thus be addressed. The system was taken live in early 2018, and the company has applied tags to 1,600 items to date.

The solution was put to the test this summer, Alpha Logistics reports, during a warehouse fire that destroyed most of the company's assets. The loss could have been worse, Page says, if the firm hadn't had clear audit data regarding what was onsite during the fire, and was thus destroyed. "The detailed and accurate inventory list which we have been able to provide to our insurers has enabled a very smooth claim process."

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