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RFID News Roundup

NXP Semiconductors, Baidu Cloud partner to secure IoT in China ••• Mojix upgrades STARflex enterprise-class RFID reader ••• Balluff unveils RFID safety guard locking switch ••• Teslonix, CISC Semiconductor team up on IoT-RFID reader and test solutions ••• Court grants judgment in favor of 3M/Neology regarding RFID trade secrets theft litigation by Star Systems International ••• Kerlink announces LoRaWAN integration in Google Cloud IoT with Microshare ••• Rivetz, Trustonic enhance security for blockchain-based apps ••• Broadgnss Technology intros GPS receiver with real-time array calibration technology.
By Rich Handley

Mojix Upgrades STARflex Enterprise-Class RFID Reader

Mojix, a provider of item chain management solutions, has announced an upgraded version of its STARflex RFID reader. The STARflex reader offers location capabilities and a flexible design for enclosed environments, such as real-time inventory and asset tracking in retail and industrial applications. The device offers sensitivity up to 100 times higher than competitive readers, the company reports, and the ability to scale inexpensively up to 16 read points.

STARflex features a general-purpose input-output (GPIO) interface, and its application programming interface (API) allows external applications to manage and control connected devices. An onboard application with a Web-based unique identifier (UI) allows users to configure how sensor triggers control tag read events. This allows the reader to act autonomously under sensor control.

With the latest release, version 1.7.1, STARflex now offers onboard support forRFMicron's Magnus sensor ICs. Tags with this sensor technology onboard offer battery-free temperature, moisture and proximity sensing capabilities, as well as a received signal strength indicator (RSSI) measurement. Mojix has developed a STARflex application that allows users to control the reporting of tags entering or leaving a zone defined by one or more antennas, as well as how often tags are reported.

STARflex will automatically store undelivered reports due to connection loss. Users can configure how much or how long data is buffered when an outage occurs. Once network connections are restored, reports are automatically sent.

One of the most challenging environments for RFID tag reading, according to the company, is a large number of tags densely packed in a small area that doesn't move often. This type of environment makes it very difficult to excite 100 percent of tags without the use of multiple antennas operating at multiple frequencies. Mojix's TurboAntenna solves this issue, the firm reports, with the use of a steerable beam, multi-element array antenna.

STARflex features a patented, distributed excitation architecture built on RFID technology, for the reliable excitation and detection of all tags. The reader can detect tag signals up to one hundred times weaker than other RFID readers. The device utilizes smart antenna techniques for location tracking, the company indicates, and is optimized for synthesizing waveforms in high-density tag environments, such as those found in retail stores. In addition, the reader meets the IP65 enclosure standard for durability and has compliance certifications in the United States, Japan, Korea, China, Australia, Brazil, South Africa and India.

"The upgraded STARflex reader provides a high-performance solution for real-time inventory and asset tracking in retail and industrial applications." said Paul Barriga, Mojix's VP of product management, in a prepared statement. "And with our new lower price point, more users can take advantage of STARflex's outstanding features and benefits while knowing they are getting the best value available in any enterprise-class RFID Reader on the market today."

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