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RFID Asset-Tracking Technology for Warehouse Relocation

With an RFID-enabled tracking system, the entire relocation process, from planning through execution to completion, becomes smoother.
By Kiran Ajaz
Jun 12, 2018

Is your company growing? Are you relocating your warehouse due to some unexpected reasons? Or, even worse, are you downsizing? There can be other reasons as well, like rental agreements coming to end. But whatever the reason may be, it surely is the time to relocate your warehouse. A warehouse relocation comes with a number of logistical challenges and hassles for managers—the challenges of managing inventory and assets.

It can be very difficult to keep track of items in these large spaces, in which hundreds of people are employed. Think about what a mess it could become when you are moving hundreds and thousands of items from one warehouse to another. There are high chances that employees might intentionally or unintentionally move items to the wrong locations, and manual processes can be costlier than expected.

Below, I'll talk about how the use of an RFID-enabled solution can simplify warehouse relocation for you—with best practices and myths briefly highlighted.

RFID technology is growing as more companies and industries invest in the technology. Consequently, it is becoming more cost-effective as well for solving business challenges. According to research and market reports, the global sourcing of RFID tags is predicted to have a compound annual growth rate of 22.4 percent through 2018.

Did you know? The smallest RFID tag is manufactured by Hitachi. It measures 0.01 inch square.

What RFID technology does is simplify asset and inventory management for you, by creating a real-time record of where all items are located. Employees don't have to go on a scavenger hunt for lost items when relocating a warehouse.

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