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Can the Use of RFID Be Strengthened in the Health-Care Industry?

Improving and strengthening patient care with well-maintained and regularly tested RFID tags could make all the difference for a safer environment.
By Andre Gwilliam

Safety Checkers When Using RFID
So, when RFID technology is incorporated at hospitals and medical facilities, it can be a cost-effective and time-saving exercise that frees up wasted time and allows medical employees to spend more time with their patients, providing more effective health care.

However, despite RFID being an important part of tracking equipment, samples and patients in the health-care industry, it's not invulnerable. As we can see from the recent NHS hacks in the United Kingdom, security should remain a key consideration around the world when it comes to the health-care industry. Although the breaches were not related to RFID technology, it does not hurt to make regular checks, ensuring the security and effectiveness of your equipment.

It has been recently suggested that devices such as insulin pumps and defibrillators can, indeed, be hacked. Leading companies, alongside the likes of Essentia, will be looking to continually improve the safety and security of their equipment. It is advised that businesses that utilize life-saving machines should look to manufacturers of testing equipment.

Scheduling regular checks of your RFID system by using testing equipment, such as that available from leading supplier MCS Test, could cover your company. The safety of your equipment and data should be paramount, especially with so much confidential information stored at medical facilities and hospitals. By using such test equipment, you can make sure your technology is up and running correctly, so you can get on with providing exceptional care to your patients.

According to MCS Test's Michael Gwynne, "With RFID technology crucial for accurate diagnoses, locating equipment and saving time, allowing health-care staff to provide more effective care is crucial in protecting yourself against any potential security breaches. We regularly look to supply extremely thorough versatile equipment, for users who are working in development, whether that be production- or installation-focused, or for those servicing radio frequency systems."

At a time of technological uncertainty, we are relying more than ever before on the strength and safety of our equipment. Improving and strengthening your patient care with well-maintained and regularly tested RFID tags, through such leading providers, could make all the difference for a safer environment.

Andre Gwilliam is a freelance writer working toward a future aim of running his own writers company. He writes across a variety of subjects that are close to the heart of the U.K. economy, including property, investments, business logistics and market trends. Andre has been writing for the past three years, having graduated with a degree in English literature and creative writing. He is open to collaborations to benefit his growing portfolio.

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