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Mojix Merges With CXignited to Build Global Retail Solutions Presence

The newly combined entity will provide a wide array of RFID and Internet of Things solutions for retailers, brands and manufacturers.
By Claire Swedberg

"We see retail as a continuing driver for new types of solutions," Doles says, that go far beyond supply chain and inventory visibility. Mojix has been building a variety of solutions that meet the needs of stores in the United States and globally. CXignited, meanwhile, has offered its IoT solutions to luxury retailers and brands, most often with RFID readers or beacons built into store-front displays and fixtures.

The merger allows Mojix to offer its real-time fixed reader solution, as well as fixture- or display-specific read zones, along with handheld solutions, cloud-based software and mobile apps. Retailers and brands can select and personalize the technologies to fit their needs. "Some environments lend themselves well to overhead reading," Doles says, while in other cases, a less expensive system involving handhelds or fixtures only may be the better choice. "It allows us to optimize a solution from a cost perspective."

The pressure on retailers with brick-and-mortar stores is driving the adoption of RFID and other automation technologies, the entities have found, and is fueling creative solutions to attract customers and complete sales. A sale may begin digitally and end physically, Doles says—with engagement online that attracts a shopper to a physical store—or begin at a store when a purchase transaction takes place online via a mobile device. Stores use a variety of methods to enable such models (and others), and to still complete a sale.

Additionally, Mojix is providing dual UHF RFID and Near Field Communication (NFC) tags to some retailers and brands so that shoppers, as well as store personnel, can read tags. In that scenario, the UHF tags enable the inventory management of goods as they arrive at a store and as they move from the back room to the store front. The NFC functionality could allow a shopper to access information regarding a particular product using his or her NFC-enabled smartphone, such as authenticity, manufacture date and location, and other products that would pair well with that item.

While Mojix serves customers across all industries, Doles says, the CXignited merger reflects the out-paced demand from retailers. With the merger, he expects Mojix to be positioned at the forefront in retail solutions worldwide. "We now have a very large presence in the European Union," he states, as well as in North America and the Asia-Pacific Region. "I think, when it comes to automated stores with smart products, the merger puts us as the leader in the space." In the meantime, he reports, the company's non-retail business is growing as well.

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