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How the IoT Is Helping Our Environment

The Internet of Things offers numerous applications and benefits for animals and their surroundings.
By Juan José Bello

This valuable research helps scientists in several ways: • To understand what anomalies lead to CCD, while also monitoring for any additional causes of bee deaths en masse • To achieve impacts around improved biosecurity measures, crop pollination, bee health, food production and other factors • To find out the duration of bee missions, foraging nectar, pollen or water, the effects of weather and times of resting

Are you curious about how CSIRO tags bees? Here is the answer.

Fighting Illegal Logging
A study conducted by the American Forest & Paper Association concluded that illegal logging depresses world timber prices by an estimated 7 to 16 percent, which equates to $460 million of losses each year to U.S. companies. The World Bank estimates that the global market losses to illegal logging each year are $10 billion; illegal logging accounts for about 50 to 90 percent of all forestry activities in key producer tropical forests, and 15 to 30 percent of wood traded globally. How is the IoT responding to the global abundance of illegal logging?

San Francisco startup Rainforest Connection is using recycled cell phones to alerts authorities or villagers to illegal logging in real time. Indonesian rainforests have been devastated by illegal logging operations and Rainforest Connect is using the dud cell phones people do not want and have programed the microphones to detect chainsaws noise up to 1 kilometer away.

That amount of forest would have the same impact on climate change as taking 3,000 cars off the road. When chainsaw noise is detected, an SMS message is sent to a responsible agency to combat the illegal deforestation in real time. With these recycled cell phones retrofitted to solar panels for sustainable power, responses to illegal logging have been slashed to only a few minutes.

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