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Intellectual Property and RFID

Patents and patent strategy have become critical issues for RFID vendors and others in the RFID community. RFID end users need to understand the patent landscape to ensure that they are not committing to technologies that pass through intellectual property minefields. This preconference, hosted by the , explores critical intellectual property issues that companies selling, deploying and investing in RFID technologies face today.
By Ari Juels
Apr 22, 2005 Intellectual Property and RFID

Intellectual Property and RFID Preconference Seminar

12:20 pm

Welcome: Intellectual Property and RFID Preconference  
Speaker: Patrick Reilly, CEO, Intellectual Property Society

12:30 pm

International Standards and Patent Policies (128K)
Intellectual property must be deployed to have significant economic value.  The ease and speed with which specific products can be adopted by the RFID community are typically dependent upon the influence of more than one standards organization.  In addition, the policies of these cooperative agencies often require participants to adhere to limitations in intellectual property rights assertion within a designated field of use.  This session will review the patent policies of EPCglobal and the ISO, and include updates of the possible effects of patent policy compliance upon hardware designers, software developers and end-users.
Speaker: Bradley J. Hulbert, McDonnell Boehnen Hulbert & Berghoff

1:00 pm

RFID Patent Update (544K)
This session will address common concerns of RFID strategists in light of fears of patent infringement assertions.
Speaker: Roger Stewart, Chief Technology Officer, Intelleflex

1:30 pm

Exploring a Patent Landscape
Competitive intelligence is a keystone to creating an intellectual property strategy.  Timely analysis of relevant published patent applications and newly issued patents are fundamental to maintaining leadership in technology innovation.  This session will present tools and techniques used to develop and maintain an incisive view of the patent issues in an emerging technology market.
Speaker: Patrick Reilly, CEO, Intellectual Property Society

2:00 pm

Developing a Strong RFID Patent Portfolio
The patent process is lengthy, costly and burdensome on a management team.  Yet the financial valuation of a technology firm is largely based upon the market relevance of its proprietary knowledge and the strength of assertable intellectual property rights over this knowledge. This session will explore considerations in guiding a product development effort to generate mission relevant and protectable intellectual property.
Speaker: Robert J. Irvine III, McDonnell Boehnen Hulbert & Berghoff

2:30 pm

Patent Licensing & Negotiation Options (151K)
Proficiency in the art of negotiation can make the difference between a company having great products and a company being commercially successful in deploying a great technology. As technology licensing is an established but evolving discipline, this session will offer clear and timely advice regarding key terms and conditions of contractual agreements in view of today's RFID markets.
Speaker: Steven G. Parmelee, Partner, Fitch, Evan, Tabin & Flannery

3:00 pm
Refreshment Break

3:15 pm

Minimizing Exposure to Patent Lawsuits and Defense (201K)
Establishing freedom to operate by avoidance of intellectual property infringement is a vital responsibility of a new venture's leadership.  This session will discuss the application of defensive positioning within a proprietary technology market environment.
Speaker: Patrick Reilly, CEO, Intellectual Property Society

3:30 pm

RFID Standards Bodies and IP Policies
This session offers a review of the IP policies of EPCglobal and ISO, and an analysis of Gen 2 vs 18000-6C in EPCglobal and ISO, respectively.
Speaker: William Colleran, Ph.D., President and CEO, Impinj

4:00 pm

Patent Pools
The RFID community might benefit in at least some areas by establishing "open door" patent pools.  This session will candidly present the history and mixed record of patent pools and their possible application in RFID industry development.  Anti-trust issues will be addressed in detail.
Speaker: Patrick Reilly, CEO, Intellectual Property Society

4:15 pm

Open Discussion: How Serious is the RFID Patent Problem?
Participants and presenters will express and share their viewpoints regarding the role and potential danger of patent rights development in supporting the near-term growth and long-term sustainability of RFID products and services.
Discussion leader: Roger Stewart, Chief Technology Officer, Intelleflex

5:15 pm
Seminar concludes

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