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RFID News Roundup

Dolphin RFID introduces real-time emergency mustering system ••• Ozarks community selects Nedap UHF system for vehicle access control ••• CAEN RFID unveils qIDminiT reader for hazardous, harsh environments ••• RR Donnelley unveils CustomWave RFID printed RFID tag service ••• IDTronic intros new UHF antennas for variety of applications ••• CenTrak launches Scope Management System for health care.
By Beth Bacheldor
Apr 09, 2015

The following are news announcements made during the past week by the following organizations: Dolphin RFID; Nedap; CAEN RFID; RR Donnelley; IDTronic; CenTrak.

Dolphin RFID Introduces Real-Time Emergency Mustering System

Dolphin RFID, an India-based developer of radio frequency identification and security solutions, has launched its real-time Dolphin Emergency Mustering System (DEMS). The solution employs Near Field Communication (NFC) RFID technology and is designed to operate even when access-control servers used for monitoring employees' whereabouts are likely offline.

Most organizations currently have automated access-control systems in place, and these can be linked to Dolphin's Edgewizard RFID middleware to provide real-time information regarding the entry and exit of personnel. But during an emergency, those systems may not be accessible. The real-time DEMS solution can work independently, in standalone mode, if an access-control system is unavailable. Personnel can be accounted for by simply punching in or out at access points, using RFID readers linked to the Edgewizard RFID middleware.

DEMS also creates automated and real-time synchronized lists and delivers them to smartphones, enabling emergency wardens to track personnel at all times. The system eliminates the manual listing typically carried out for emergency evacuation mustering that generally consists of a record of all employees. Such manual lists seldom account for personnel who have left early or are out on holiday on a given day, which can result in inaccurate lists. Because of this, reconciliation can become very chaotic and time-consuming during an emergency.

The DEMS solution requires the use of NFC-enabled smartphones, which link to the Edgewizard RFID middleware server via a Wi-Fi or GPRS connection. During an emergency, at the mustering station, a warden can account for workers by using his or her smartphone to read their NFC-enabled ID cards, and that data is shared with DEMS, which correlates the information with each employee's status, according to Dolphin. When a tag is read, the employee's presence is confirmed and that individual's name on the list turns green. The warden's emergency audit list, contained on his or her smartphone, is updated every 10 to 30 seconds. Very quickly, Dolphin RFID explains, the warden thus knows who is missing and can initiate a search-and-rescue plan, if necessary. All details regarding missing personnel can be accessed on the smartphone, and the missing employees' mobile phones can be immediately called.

"DEMS will revolutionize the Emergency Mustering procedure," said Commodore S K Sawhney, Dolphin RFID's president and CEO, in a prepared statement. "Not only does the new system provide users with an enhanced degree of safety in the workplace, it does it at a very affordable cost, without the need for an additional monitoring system. With DEMS, the time wasted on manual reconciliation of lists is saved, which could be the difference between life and death of personnel in danger."

Dolphin RFID will demonstrate its Dolphin Emergency Mustering System (DEMS) solution in booth 544A at next week's RFID Journal LIVE! conference and exhibition, taking place in San Diego, Calif.


Suren Reddi 2015-04-10 03:26:26 AM
In emergency evacuation, people walks out of the gate in groups. In this case how does NFC helps to read people tags in bulk. Reading individual NFC ID cards by guard is a time consuming process.

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