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RFID News Roundup

Impinj opens Retail Experience Center ••• Xerafy debuts Slim Trak tag ••• Secura Key adds lockdown, door-status features to access-control software ••• Tageos announces availability of UHF RFID labels with Monza R6 chips ••• Lancom Systems' new device combines Wi-Fi, Bluetooth beacon and electronic shelf label functionality ••• Motorola unveils Keylink, a Bluetooth-enabled tag for tracking items.
By Beth Bacheldor

Lancom Systems' New Device Combines Wi-Fi, Bluetooth Beacon and Electronic Shelf Label Functionality

Lancom Systems, a German manufacturer of networking solutions for the commercial and public sectors, has introduced its new E-series access points that support the simultaneous operation of three different radio technologies: Wireless LAN (Wi-Fi), electronic shelf labels (ESL) and Bluetooth Low Energy (Bluetooth Smart) beacons. The benefits, the company reports, are lower costs, longer service life of the electronic shelf labels, and a high degree of sustainability. The solution is the result of cooperation with Austrian ESL specialist imagotag.

Lancom's L-322E Wireless device
The new system is designed to address challenges inherent in existing ESLs that required the costly installation and operation of a dedicated infrastructure, according to Lancom Systems. In addition, the company notes, existing wireless local area networks (LANs)—which are prevalent in retail—also created interference, since Wi-Fi and ESL technologies both operate in the same frequency band (2.4 GHz).

Lancom explains that it has fine-tuned the Wi-Fi and ESL functionalities to provide interference-free parallel operation. In addition to being equipped with wireless LAN and ESL radios, a Lancom E-series device includes a built-in Bluetooth beacon module and can thus transmit a configurable beacon ID. The integration of a Bluetooth beacon allows retailers and operators of shopping malls to implement innovative location-based services, such as location-dependent push marketing, indoor navigation, and business intelligence capabilities that can analyze customer walk paths so retailers can optimize a sales floor's layout.

The new E-series comes in two models: the L-322E Wireless and the L-151E Wireless. The L-322E features two integrated IEEE 802.11n WLAN radio modules for the parallel operation at 2.4 and 5 GHz with up to 300 Mbps. The L-141E features a single WLAN module based on IEEE 802.11n for the operation at 2.4 GHz with up to 150 Mbps. Each model contains an integrated radio module for updating Lancom Wireless ePaper Displays, the integrated Bluetooth beacon technology, and one Fast Ethernet connector with Power-over-Ethernet based on IEEE 802.3af.

The new Lancom E-series access points are available now from specialist resellers. Also available are imagotag's electronic shelf labels, as well as the central server for controlling the ESLs.

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