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Motorcycle Company Tracks Visitors Via RFID

India's TVS Motor Co. has installed active tags and readers to monitor the locations of guests as they move throughout the 250-acre compound, thereby preventing security breaches.
By Claire Swedberg
Sep 20, 2013

By installing a radio frequency identification solution at its headquarters and factory, TVS Motor Co. reports that it has reduced the number of security breaches (when an individual enters an unauthorized area, overstays his or her expected visit time, or cannot be located) to nearly zero.

TVS Motor Co. is one of India's largest manufacturers of motorcycles, scooters, mopeds and other types of two- and three-wheeled vehicles. The company receives more than 100,000 visitors annually—consisting of suppliers, consultants, contractors and service engineers, among others conducting business onsite—at its campus in Hosur, in the Tamil Nadu region. To protect its intellectual property, as well as make the processing of those guests more efficient, the firm installed a personnel-tracking system featuring active RFID tags and readers supplied by Gemini Traze.

TVS Motor Co.'s A. Amaran
TVS Motor's 250-acre compound in Hosur houses the company's headquarters and corporate departments, including product development, business planning, supply chain, finance, research and development, manufacturing and IT. Consequently, the quantity and variety of visitors to the site is high, and security concerns are thus critical, in order to prevent even one guest from potentially walking away with the firm's intellectual property.

Therefore, the company installed an RFID solution last year comprising battery-powered RFID tags in badges, readers at key department entry points, and software that tracks location data. That information is fed to TVS Motor's visitor-management system, enabling the firm to better manage the movements of these visitors, including their real-time location and movement history.

"We needed a framework to monitor the movement of the visitor from the time he enters the organization to his exit," says A. Amaran, TVS Motor Co.'s senior manager of IT. Without RFID, he reports, the plant's visitor-management system had several shortcomings: It was time-consuming to use, requiring its staff to sign visitors into and out of specific locations. Prior to the RFID system's adoption, guests registered at the security gate, where they were provided with a paper pass indicating their intended destination on the campus. Every pass had to be signed by the inviting employee, which would then be turned in during the exit procedure. Each individual was also given a plastic badge printed with his or her visitor type, such as "Consultant," "Vendor" or "Supplier." As guests wandered the facility, they were monitored by security guards at various strategic points throughout the complex.

According to Amaran, this system was time-consuming for visitors, required considerable man-hours for security guards, and was unable to provide a historic record of every area that guest had visited. What's more, since security was being tracked manually, visitors had to wait to be registered upon entering specific departments, and then wait again in the common area of that department for their host to arrive from his or her office and receive that guest.

The company sought to collect such data analytics as the types of visitors received, the departments they visited and the frequency of visits. By automating that process, Amaran explains, the plant managers had a greater amount of data regarding guests' movements, while those individuals could also move more quickly throughout the facility.


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