ADLINK, Intel, Arrow Electronics Launch Industrial Machine-Vision AI Devkit

By RFID Journal

The Vizi-AI system is designed to provide a scalable starting point for IoT-based artificial-intelligence deployments at the edge.


ADLINK Technology, a provider of edge-computing systems, has launched its Vizi-AI system with Intel in order to provide a development starter kit (devkit) for industrial machine-vision artificial intelligence (AI) in Internet of Things (IoT) deployments. The Vizi-AI devkit includes Intel’s Atom-based SMARC computer module with an Intel Distribution of OpenVINO toolkit and ADLINK Edge software. The dekvit is available exclusively through Arrow Electronics in the North America and EMEA regions.

Developers can connect Vizi-AI to various image-capture devices, then deploy and improve machine-learning models to gain insight from vision data and boost operational decision-making. Vizi-AI includes pre-built OpenVINO-compatible machine-learning models that can be used out of the box, the companies report.

The devkit includes an Atom-based SMARC computer module with Intel’s Movidius Myriad X VPU and 40-pin connector; the Distribution of OpenVINO toolkit, which optimizes deep-learning workloads across the Intel architecture, including accelerators, and streamlines deployments from the edge to the cloud; ADLINK Edge software, which improves the functionality of OpenVINO through the ADLINK Data River, enabling data to flow freely and securely; ADLINK Edge Profile builder, which provides an intuitive user experience to manage devices and applications; and ADLINK Edge Model Manager, which lets users add their own models to a pre-loaded selection. Vizi-AI is also supported by its own community, GOTO50.AI, where users can find support, pre-built scenarios and other useful resources.

“At Intel, we are on a mission to enable the Industrial IoT transformation. That’s why we are pleased to partner with ADLINK on the Vizi-AI devkit,” said Christine Boles, Intel’s VP, in a prepared statement. “The Vizi-AI devkit integrates Intel’s leading technologies, coupled with ADLINK Edge software, for faster and easier machine-vision AI deployments at the edge. Using an Intel Atom-based SMARC computer module with Intel Movidius Myriad X VPU, which features a dedicated hardware accelerator for deep neural network and computer vision, Vizi-AI is purpose-built for enterprise developers and data scientists. It comes with a range of pre-built machine learning models compatible with the Intel OpenVINO toolkit, for a good out-of-the-box experience. Vizi-AI can be used as a starting point to extract business value from machine vision AI at the edge; then, using the same software, be scaled up for industrial use cases on more powerful Intel processor based hardware.”

“ADLINK is working closely with Intel to apply artificial intelligence to edge computing and our new Vizi-AI devkit releases the potential for developers to deploy vision-based AI applications faster and easier than ever so our industrial customers can optimize operational efficiency and drive business value,” added Steve Cammish, ADLINK’s VP of edge solutions, in the prepared statement. “We have designed the Vizi-AI devkit as an integrated hardware and software solution which provides users with an ideal starting point to find business value from machine vision AI by enabling easy edge deployment of their machine learning models. This approach can then be scaled for industrial requirements using the same software but deployed on more powerful hardware as needed. This gives our customers the ultimate future-proofed flexibility, knowing at deployment time they can make their hardware solution choice, but in development they can start on our low-cost Edge AI Development kit.”